Music Instruction Software Review: Music Ace Deluxe

Learn to Read Music with Music Ace Deluxe

Music is very much a part of my family’s everyday life. We have it on in the background as we work or study, we sing along with the radio as we run errands in the car and soothing music in the evening helps set the tone for a restful night. Listening to music transitions us through all of the different parts of our day. It seemed only natural  to decide as a family, to take a more active approach to music. We discovered a way that we could give ourselves lessons in some of the fundamentals of music, at home on the computer.

With the Music Ace Deluxe program, we found everything our family needed to begin a study of music theory. I wanted a system that would work for the entire family, both adults and children because I was interested in learning too. Music Ace Deluxe provides an engaging and informative product that is great for our different learning styles and levels of knowledge. The software is easy to get started with by installing the program  and ready to go within minutes. A word of caution:  this software was designed to run on an older operating system, so with newer generation systems, the graphics do not fill up the entire screen.

Learn to Read Music on the Computer (Photo by Bombardier on program is a quality, in depth system that assumes the user knows very little, if anything,  about music. Rather than talk down to you or teach above your level of understanding, Music Ace Deluxe hits just the right note. Through a series of 36 lessons, the software takes you from the beginning, teaching you the basics of music then on to theory, pitch, rhythm and note reading.  Designed by musical education professionals, each lesson builds on previous knowledge so the lessons remain challenging all along the way.  As several members of my family were involved in their own self-paced lessons at one time, I found it invaluable that the program will track the progress of up to 10 users simultaneously.

Maestro Max is the animated character who introduces each lesson and guides the user along the way. My children really enjoy the cartoon notes and lighthearted graphics. I find these add a kid-friendly dimension, without taking away from the significance of the lessons. The lessons are introduced by Max and he outlines what you can expect from each lesson. The games at end of each stage can be very challenging!  Once you have mastered a lesson, you then advance on to the next one.  One of the best features is the attached Doodle pad. My children especially enjoy experimenting with composing and making up their own music.

Whether you are interested in expanding your core knowledge of music theory, or are just beginning lessons with an instructor, Music Ace Deluxe is a strong partner to have on your journey.  It is great for students of any instrument, as every budding musician needs a solid working knowledge of the music basics. The easy to use, self paced lessons have proven to be beneficial for all us. I imagine this program will provide us with another dimension to our music education for years to come.

Would you like to try it for yourself? You can get your own copy here: Music Ace Deluxe.


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