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Elizabeth Baker is a freelance writer and editorial consultant. Before launching her own writing career, she worked in a variety of fields including education and the financial investment industry.  Always taking notes on the world around her, Elizabeth loves the challenge of creating articulate, intelligent writing that informs and inspires her readers to action.

An interest in reading and writing led Elizabeth to pursue a degree in English while in college. To encourage others to become life long learners, she serves as a mentor to young writers.   Always armed with her sense of humor and a keen eye for detail, Elizabeth looks forward to any opportunity to learn more about the world and share her obsevations with her readers. Her articles on music, education and a variety of topics have been published in many journals, magazines and online publications.

Contributor: Barbara HansenBarbara Hansen

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Raised in a home filled with music, Barbara grew up singing in harmony around the piano with her family of 10 every Sunday night.  She also has fond memories of going to weekly piano lessons with her older sister.  This love of music translated onto the dance floor at Brigham Young University, where Barbara majored in dance and was on the Modern Dance and Ballroom dance teams.

While raising her own family of  five, Barbara enjoyed teaching jazz, ballet and musical theater classes to children ages 3-13 for 25 years.  She also gave piano lessons and played the organ for her local church.  Now that her children are grown, Barbara enjoys teaching her piano students; a daughter and a granddaughter are among them.

I know the power music has to uplift and inspire and I believe it is a timeless, universal gift to pass to the next generation.