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Welcome to LearntoReadMusic.com!

My name is Matt Coffman, and I’m excited to welcome you to this site. Let me tell you a little bit about myself and why I’ve created this online resource to assist you in learning to read music.

I am a guitarist and guitar teacher–I teach guitar lessons in Nashville, TN. Over the course of 16 years of playing and teaching the guitar, I’ve gone from barely reading music to being able to read music fluently for the guitar up and down the neck.

Thanks to the fact that I learned to read music, I’m able to play all kinds of pieces of music that I never would have been able to learn otherwise. From classical etudes to jazz melodies, I read music all the time, and I can’t imagine my life without the ability to read music.

Best of all–learning to read music really isn’t that hard!

Trust me on this–you can definitely learn to read music (and in much less time than you probably realize).

The benefits of reading music are many.

No matter what instrument you play (including if you are a singer or don’t really play any instrument and just want to learn how to read music as a means of appreciating music more deeply), learning to read music opens up tons of potential musical worlds that you can enter as your reading skills develop.

Since I had to fight so hard to learn to read music well for my primary instrument–the guitar–and since I’ve seen student after student profit from learning how to read music notation, I created this site to serve as a resource to connect you with the basics of how reading music works.

You’ll also find my recommendations for the best resources out there on and off the web should you want to take your music reading further.

Thank you for visiting LearntoReadMusic.com!

I hope you get something valuable from your time here, and please contact me with your ideas and recommendations so I can continue to develop this site into an extremely valuable resource.

–Matt Coffman


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